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State of BosaikNet Services - December 2018

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:03 am
by notipa
  • Server: The server is due for regular maintenance, so some downtime is expected sometime around the weekend of 8 December 2018.
    I have been mentioning it for some time, but now it is finally implemented. All game servers will start automatically, update automatically (where applicable), and restart daily at 5AM local time. Unlike the previous incarnation of the BosaikNet server, these scripts minimize downtime; UT2003, for example, is only shut down for about 6 seconds compared to the previous 5-11 minutes.
  • Minecraft: Provisions have been made in the new management scripts to automatically update Minecraft via buildtools, but this is not yet implemented pending scripting of buildtools. Since the server is still down, this isn't much of a problem.
  • Unreal Tournament 2004: Stats server still seems to be up, so stats is still a requirement to connect.
  • Unreal Tournament 2003: Now that automatic restart is implemented, the server should perform significantly better.
  • Garry's Mod: The server has been restored to 24/7 operation. Once plugins are sorted out, the server will be opened to all BosaikNet members.
  • Team Fortress 2: Despite the server seeing zero use, 24/7 operation has been restored pending some configuration changes.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Still broken. Management scripts do include this server but the startup lines are commented out. It's not efficient to use a lot of resources on a broken server.
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Status unknown, but currently (and has been) down and does not participate in the new management scripts.
  • IRC: Services are back up, but may not be fully functional. Lately we have been having a lot of netsplits due to time desynchronization between east and west servers; the east server appears to be primarily at fault. A platform-dependent bug in UnrealIRCd may be exacerbating the time desyncronization; both clocks report significantly less error (<5s) than UnrealIRCd linking reports (<45s).
  • ZNC: It seems the ZNC folder is still on GameServer 2, which is currently down due to hardware failure. Recovery won't be fun.
  • Forums: No change